Bariatric Advantage® RECOVER® FAQ

  1. Who qualifies for RECOVER® through the OAC? The request must come from a bariatric surgical program on behalf of a patient that meets IRS guidelines Reg. 1. 170A-4A (b)(4) for being ill or needy.
  2. What documents are needed from the practice to determine need or illness? None. The practice must use their professional judgment to ascertain the “need” and “illness” of a patient. If a surgeon or their office staff submit the request then that is sufficient. 
  3. How does a practice make a request? The surgical practice will download the form on the right and complete it on behalf of requesting patient. They will then return this form directly to the OAC per instructions on the form.
  4. What will a qualifying patient receive? The practice staff will identify and select from the available products from the downloaded RECOVER® Order Form. The request should be procedure specific, with Adjustable Gastric Band request for multi-Formula and calcium and Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve requesting multivitamin, calcium, iron and B-12.
  5. Where will the products be delivered?  As per the RECOVER® Order Form, Bariatric Advantage will ship to the address located under “patient name” and address.  Please make sure that this information is completed legibly so that the patient can receive their products timely. If you have any questions about your submission, Bariatric Advantage can be reached at (800) 898-6888.
  6. When will the products be shipped?  Once the RECOVER® Order Form is faxed to the OAC, the OAC will forward the requests each day directly to Bariatric Advantage. If you have any questions about your submission, Bariatric Advantage can be reached at (800) 898-6888.
  7. Is there a limit to this program? Yes. There is a limit of one order per person.
  8. Why is Bariatric Advantage doing this? Bariatric Advantage believes in giving back to the same community that has helped to make them to become the number one solution in bariatric specific nutrition.
  9. Is there any cost to the practice? No.
  10. Is there any cost to the patient? No.
  11. Does this include shipping? Yes. There are no shipping costs for the program. 
  12. Is there a limit to this program?  There is a limit. Under the IRS REG. 1.170-4 A(b)(4 Bariatric Advantage is limited to a dollar amount commensurate with its overall size of its business. 
  13. Who should a practice that is not using Bariatric Advantage contact for their patients that do not qualify for the RECOVER® program? That practice can email [email protected]

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Completed forms should be returned to the OAC per the instructions on the form.

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